About Us

AOPL with a registered office in Vadodara,with a business experience since 1961.The company was pioneered by the Late Asokbhai Raojibhai Patel who was a technocrat and a visionary. The company grew from a small air separation plant to several filling and distribution centres in the state of Gujarat. The group went through a family restructuring in 2016 and now AOPL is spearheaded by Anish Patel; grandson of Asokbhai Patel, with manufacturing plants in Ahmedabad, Halol, Surat and a distribution depot in Rajkot.

The Scope Of What We Accomplish

The company manufactures and sells industrial and medical gases. The company is also engaged in the bulk trading of liquefied gases, the operating of production systems for industrial gases. Also included are air separation plants, cryogenic supply systems, associated engineering, construction, installation, training, and maintenance services.
AOPL boasts of serving large corporations and multinationals over several years. This pertains to industrial gases, several multi-speciality large hospitals, and medical gases including the civil hospital of Ahmedabad. The motto has always been “service” and it always precedes the gas it sells.
AOPL takes pride in meeting requirements for industrial gas products and equipment that other companies cannot or will not meet. The specific scope of supply and associated commercial terms are customised to reflect each user's site-specific needs and desires.


To persistently deliver value added products and services through consistent innovation, quality control and flexibility to delight the customers of today and tomorrow.


We are determined to give supreme satisfaction to our internal and external stakeholders through integrity, quality, innovative products, transparency and social welfare through BAPS.

Core Values

Taking Pride

In my work – my team - my customers- my opportunities.

Freedom of power & responsibility

Freedom to work – punctual & responsible for actions and their results.

Leaving a legacy

My work will speak for itself and I will encourage my peers to learn and grow- we will create leaders – we will build value – we will make a difference - my company will have a special position in the industry.

Leading to serve

Lead by compassion – the aim is to serve, customers and society in general.

Trust and Respect

Ensure positive and safe heaven. I will trust and respect my peers and my company and will learn and grow in business and in life with integrity.

Top Priorities

  • Business Growth – Existing Plus New Products and Services through vital Partnerships
  • Organisational Effectiveness through Discipline
  • Cash Flow Management through Sincerity
  • Strategic Investments in new Assets and Judicial Utilisation of Existing Assets
  • Data Security and Improved Functionality through implementation of appropriate software